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The Bears, a little history...

For little over 30 years the lower north shore of Sydney has been home to junior baseballs favourite team The Bears.

Baseball came to the North Shore of Sydney in ernest in the late 70's when a large collection of US citizens migrated to assist Australias growth in telecommunications and banking. Many brought families who missed the national past time in the US and would often meet in St Leonards park to throw a ball. Over time a team of sorts formed through the adult members recruiting people from all nationalities and many locals bored with cricket and seeking a faster game.


As the North Sydney Leagues club took ownership of the North Sydney Bears Rugby League brand it was decided that an intra club baseball team would facilitate the newly formed baseballers needs and the North Sydney Bears was created. A junior division of the club was established in the early 80's and we've been a club ever since catering to families and players as the home of baseball on the lower Sydney north shore.


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