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Hawk Ball (5-6yrs)

This is the first phase of a young players introduction to baseball. Held over the summer months in September to early December it's a great way for both boys and girls to learn the basics of the game and have a whole lot of fun.

T-Ball (7-8yrs)

For those who graduate from the Hawk Ball program we offer a competitive league of T-Ball. Teams are selected from those who register and go onto play against other clubs and enjoy a great season of hits, catches and laughs.

'Zooka' - Machine Pitch (8-9yrs)

After players have experienced and learned the basics of the game we progress kids to learn to hit a live moving ball. In order to allow for everyone to have a chance we use soft balls thrown by a Zooka machine.

Rookie Live - (9-11yrs)

This is the first phase of genuine pitched baseball for kids. Kids are introduced to pitching and using the hard ball standard in a format that supports young pitchers.

Little League Minor/Major (11-12yrs)

Once players have learned the pitched game and the aspects of play we progress them to enhance the play to faster games and a format that mirrors that of senior play.

Intermediate (13yrs)

This stage of the game is where players are skilled in the live pitch aspects of play but have developed to a level where they demand faster play or are suited to a slightly older age group to progress.

Junior League (13-14yrs)

By this stage of the game players are either pushing the skill levels to not only faster play but are also becoming more athletic and competitive.

Senior League (15-16yrs)

Senior League players are the final stage with us here at North Sydney Juniors. The game is honed and competitive approaches to strategy and play are tutored ready to join adults in Bears Adult Baseball.


Game Times

Games are played on either friday evenings or saturday mornings, dependent upon age group and division throught the Spring/Summer season. No games or training during school holidays.

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