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General Meeting 2016

Dear Club Members

As part of managing the North Sydney Junior Baseball Association effectively and in accordance with our constitution we ask that all members try to attend our General Meeting for 2016. At this meeting we will cover a wide ranging agenda pertaining to the club and answer all questions that you may have. This is your chance to help formulate the club for the new year and an opportunity to help improve the way we operate as a better club all round.

To this can we ask that EVERY current member (attending or NOT attending) fill out the club attendance form below so we can create a quorum for the meeting and finalise the Members Register for 2016.

Venue: Norths RSL, Boardroom - first floor, Cammeray

Date: 28th November 2016
Time: 7:30 sharp

Many thanks for your co-operation


Les Tyrpenou


Thanks for submitting info, all information is held in a secure server.

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