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Protective Wear

While Baseball is essentially a tactical sport it does have areas of contact and exposure to harm so players need to be mindful of safety and protection. Things to consider are...

Batting Helmets

Every player is required to wear a suitable two ear cover batters helmet while at bat in the Australian Little League. This is mandatory for both live games and for practises. At Bears like all other clubs we supply every team with enough helmets to cover ALL team players however you are most welcome to purchase your own from a reputable baseball retailer. It is very important to make sure the helmet fits properly and is able to stay on even when the player falls over.

Gum Guards

At Bears we ask that ALL players wear a gum guard when batting or in a infield position. These can be purchased from Pharmacy or at specialist sports retailers. One often warms the guard in hot water and then places in the mouth to mould. PLEASE DO NOT INSERT A GUARD STRAIGHT FROM BOILING WATER!

Protective Cup

Nobody likes getting a fast moving ball to their groin. To this we ask that players (especially boys) invest in a protective cup to limit any chance of injury.

Shin/Elbow Guards

Players who play infield positions are encouraged to purchase and wear soccer shinguards under their baseball pants. Like in soccer if a player slides into you as you defend a position your shins are protected. The same is true of elbow guards for young catchers and batters.

Sun Screen (Factor 40+)

Often that last thing a young baseballer decides to put on as protective wear is Sun Screen but it's essential during the summer months in Australia. Every coach is given sunscreen in a kit bag BUT we ask that players be responsible for application as the coach is responsible for many things during a game and cannot apply sunscreen on players.


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