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Volunteering and Assisting

Volunteering is the life blood of our club. We are only as good as our membership and we ask that if you are part of the Bears that you help our young members to have the best experience they possibly can have. To this end we have listed a number of volunteering roles that are required by EACH team and ask that you make yourself available in any capacity in these roles during the season.


• Transporting and Kit assisting

Game assistance is a very important part of helping to keep the active season running smoothly. Parents and guardians can assist greatly by car pooling for away games and transporting of kit is also greatly appreciated.

• Scoring and Pitch counting

Scoring and Pitch counting - Every team needs a scorer to keep an official record of the games play. This is a very important part of the baseball volunteering dynamic as it is mandatory to submit scores to our offical body MWBB post game, as well as supporting the umpires and to further support the seasons regulations. Baseball scoring is actually fairly easy and can be learned online and through the club training sessions. For some easy starting points refer to these links:

How to score for baseball:

Step by step Video

Fully explaination of the scorebook and method to scoring.

When Kids play live pitch there is a quota maximum number of pitches that every child has to keep under in ordercan throw in a single game for it to be healthy on for their young development and muscle health. This is a very important safety measure that is heavily regulated by BNSW and so a volunteer is required for each game to count the pitches thrown which is marked up on the offical official submitted score card.

• Umpiring

Another extremely important role required for every team is to have  parents or guardians volunteer as the teams umpires (one plate and one onfield) for home games. Naturally this can be a daunting task for many novices as the game has some unusual rules but it is extremely important that we have a regular list of umpires who volunteer to direct each game to a safe and fair outcome. To this North Sydney Junior Baseball offer a free umpiring basics course in conjunction with the MWBA for any volunteer who would like to learn to umpire. This is in conjunction with BNSW and will be fully accredited and be supported fully through the process.

If you would like more information on becoming an umpire please contact our secreatry here or make direct contact with the umpires association in at Manly Warringah here.

• Diamond Maintenance, Trash and Clean Up

Both before and after a home game, its vital to make the playing surface both safe and enjoyable for our young athletes. During summer especially with early starts the ground can be wet and the clay is slippery and dangerous for batters so we need to soak up excess water and firm up the dirt sections. White marking of the lines and lane ways plus the attachement of bases is required and as of 2016 we will be providing a perimeter for each diamond for the boundary lines. Each of these jobs needs maintenance and care and is managed by the grounds and operations manager along with the teams managers. For further information on this please make contact here.

• Fundraising and BBQ days

Every year our association with Bunnings allows us to run and gather funds from their Saturday weekend BBQs system. Theise funds are is extremely important to the club, as it's our primary  supplementsmeans of gaining funds for gear replacement and purchasing items such as balls, line marking tools and other ground upkeep gear. We ask that every parent volunteers for at least a 30 minute2 hour session to assist us twice once a year to help run this valuable fund raising endeavour. As the season progresses, we will mail you with details about of the dates and roster requirementsof the days run sheet. here.

If you have any specialist skills be they marketing, fundraising and sponsorship or working with kids we'd love to hear from you and always welcome input from the community to make North Sydney Junior Baseball Club a better club for all. To make contact with us please mail our president here.


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